Frequently Asked Questions
What is the golfer insurance?

Golfer insurance is an insurance specially designed to give golfers total peace of mind when enjoying golfing. It provides comprehensive protection to the Insured including personal accident, loss of or damage to the Insured's golfing equipment, legal liability incurred for injury to others or damage to their property, accidental loss of or damage to personal effects as well as the expenses incurred in celebration of accomplishing a hole-in-one.

Is it necessary that the proposer to be a member of a recognised golf club ?

No, the proposer need not be a member of any recognised golf club.

Is it necessary for the proposer to be aged 18 to apply for golfer insurance?

The age limit of the proposer is from 18 to 65. Thus, the proposer should reach the age of 18 to be eligible to apply for golfer insurance.

Is there any limit on the area covered?

The areas covered include the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau.

What does a "hole-in-one" cover?

A "hole-in-one" is an achievement requiring excellent golfing technique. In celebration of accomplishing a "hole-in-one", the Insured will be reimbursed HKD10,000 per event for the celebration expenses incurred (subject to a "hole-in-one" certificate issued by a recognised golf club). The maximum benefit per year is HKD40,000.

The Insured has to take a rest for 5 weeks as a result of an accidental bodily injury whilst practicing golf in a golf course. Is he/she entitled to any compensation from the Insurance Company according to the golfer insurance policy?

Under the coverage of temporary total disablement of personal accident, the Insured can be compensated with HKD500 per week. Thus, the total compensation will be HKD2,500 for 5 weeks.

What does the "period of insurance" refer to?

The"period of insurance" refers to a twelve-month period, effective from the commencement date of the insurance policy.

How can I input the date of birth if my HKID card shows the year only?

You may simply input your birth year and the first of January as the date of birth for further process.